Samson is one of the most well-known judges of Israel. God gave Samson amazing strength to defeat his enemies. From the time Samson was born, he was never to shave or cut his hair. Also Samson was not to drink wine. These were special rules that God told Samson’s parents before he was born. When Samson did not obey these rules, God took away his strength (Judges 16:19-20).
But Samson’s strength did not come from his hair. His strength came from the Spirit of the Lord. We know this because of these verses: Judges 13:25,14:6, 14:19 and 15:14. Each of these verses specifically says that the Spirit of the Lord came on Samson in great power or that the Spirit of the Lord worked in Samson. Also, Judges 16:20 says that the Lord left Samson, and that’s why he lost his strength. So we can see that the Spirit of the Lord (the Holy Spirit) was the real source of Samson’s strength.