Sand Sculptures

Recently I went to a competition where people made sand sculptures. Some of the sculptures were seven feet high! There were castles, giant snails and lions. It was wonderful to look at these sculptures. But when the wind and rains came, they became just piles of sand again.
Those sculptures remind me of many people in the world today who do not follow God. They spend their lives trying to become rich and famous. But someday their possessions and riches will all be gone — just like the wind and waves washed away the sand sculptures.
The writer of Psalm 73 was jealous of famous people. But then he realized what happens to wicked people. “Trouble can come suddenly, and they will be ruined. Terrible things can happen to them, and they will be finished” (verse 19).
The good things that you do for God will stay with you forever. These things are treasures that you are saving up in heaven. So do not worry about becoming rich and famous. Just keep close to God and serve Him every day.