Saul Changes (2)

After Saul changed, many Christians still feared him. They did not believe that Saul had really changed. These Christians thought that Saul was lying to them or trying to trick them. Some people even tried to kill Saul.
But one man, Barnabas, believed that Saul had changed. Barnabas told the other believers that Saul was truly a Christian. Barnabas traveled with Saul to teach others about Jesus. Because Barnabas trusted Saul, the other Christians began to accept Saul.
God told Saul to go and tell the Gentiles (non-Jews) about Jesus. That is probably why Saul started using his Greek name, Paul. Later we will learn about all the people that Paul told about Jesus. Paul started many churches and helped them grow.
Sometimes we know people who do not follow God. Then they become Christians. Maybe it is hard to believe that they have really changed. We need to be like Barnabas. We should not judge these people for what they used to be. We should notice that they have changed and accept them as brothers and sisters in Christ.