Have you ever had chicken pox? Or have you had surgery or a serious cut that needed stitches? Chicken pox, surgery or cuts can leave scars on our bodies. Sometimes scars can look awful. Scars make some people feel unattractive or unhealthy.
If you have scars on your body, remember that you won’t have a scarred body forever. People who have believed and followed Jesus as their Savior will someday have new bodies. In our Bible Reading, Paul said (verse 20b-21a), “We are waiting for our Savior to come from heaven. Our Savior is the Lord Jesus Christ. He will change our humble bodies and make them like his own glorious body.” Can you imagine living with God and having a perfect body?
I have several scars on my body. But someday all my scars will be gone. I will live with God and have a perfect body. I hope to see you there!