Sea of Galilee (5)

Today we read more about Peter and the other disciples. Jesus had died and risen from the dead. Jesus was by the Sea of Galilee. Several of Jesus’ followers were in a boat. They had fished all night but had not caught any fish.
Jesus said to them (verse 6b), “Throw your net into the water on the right side of your boat. You will find some fish there.” Jesus’ followers obeyed Him. They caught so many fish that they couldn’t pull the net into the boat!
Verse 14 says, “This was now the third time Jesus appeared to his followers after he was raised from death.” Jesus wanted His followers to know for sure that He had risen from the dead. Why? Because Jesus wanted them to know that He has power over death. That means Christians will also live again after they die.
Do you want to live forever? I do! But I don’t want to live forever in a world full of sin. I want to live forever with God and Jesus. That will be wonderful!