Search for God

God wants every person who has ever lived on earth to follow Jesus as their Savior. But God will not force Himself on anyone. It is our responsibility to ask God to accept us as His children.
In our Bible Reading today, Jeremiah gave God’s message to some Jews. These Jews had been taken from their homes to the country of Babylon. First God said, “…I know the plans I have for you. I don’t plan to hurt you. I plan to give you hope and a good future” (verse 11b). God has a plan for every person’s life.
Then God told the Jews, “You people will search for me. And when you search for me with all your heart, you will find me” (verse 13). God wants us to be humble and search for Him with all our heart. If we truly want to serve God, He will provide a way for us to become His children.
Maybe you are searching for God today. But you won’t find God in the things of the world. You can only find God in His Word, the Bible. Read His Word and learn what His plan is for your life.