Search for Wisdom

Many people are very skilled at using a computer program called Photoshop. I use that program almost every day, but I am not skilled in using it. I love to use calligraphy, too. But I don’t have the ability to create masterpieces like some people do. I am not skilled in Photoshop or calligraphy because I have not practiced enough. It takes time and effort to become skilled at these things.
In our Bible verses today, Jesus told His apostles that He was sharing some special wisdom with them. Why did Jesus do this? Because these twelve men gave up their families and jobs to follow Him. These men were willing to give up their lives for Jesus.
It takes time and effort for us to become skilled at learning from the Bible. But when we are willing to read God’s Word every day and study it carefully, God will help us understand more about Him and His plan for our lives.
Take time to read the Bible and search for God’s wisdom.