Secret Deeds

As Christians, we should be doing secret deeds. What are secret deeds? Here is an example.
Trudy had a new craft kit. In the kit were long leather strips of red, white and blue leather. The directions told Trudy how to make a bookmark. As Trudy worked on the bookmark, she thought about Elsie, a new girl at church. Elsie was quiet and shy. The next Sunday Trudy arrived early and put the bookmark on Elsie’s chair. Trudy watched Elsie smile as she looked at the bookmark. Trudy felt good that she had done this secret deed.
In our Bible verses today, Jesus talked about secretly doing something for another person. Jesus said (verse 3b), “…don’t let anyone know what you are doing.” The good thing about doing a secret deed is that God knows. And that makes Him very happy.
Look for ways to do kind things for other people today.