Several years ago, a popular Christian band sang a song called “Rest.” Here are some of the words from that song. “And I rest in the shelter of Your love. And I rest in the wonder of Your grace.”
Those words remind me of our Bible verses for today. This psalm was written by Moses. In these verses, he reminds us that God is our security and place of safety.
God has promised to protect us and keep us safe. In verse 4b Moses says, “He will cover you like a bird spreading its wings over its babies.” A bird will do everything it can to protect its babies. God will do the same for us.
Many people today try to find security in money, alcohol, or drugs. But God is the best source of comfort and strength. He wants us to come to Him and find peace and rest.
Maybe you are tired of facing problems in life. Come to God today and rest in His presence and holiness.