See the Good News*

For many years, Deaf Missions used the slogan: “Because they’ve lost their hearing, must they lose their souls?” The answer to that question is “No!” But some people did not understand this slogan. They thought our slogan meant, “Because someone is deaf, he must lose his soul.” Other people felt this slogan meant that deaf people were not as important as hearing people. Because there was so much confusion, Deaf Missions stopped using the slogan.
It is sad that many deaf people around the world will never learn about salvation because there is no one who can communicate the message to them in sign language. But other deaf people will SEE the Gospel in sign language. We hope that no person is lost (separated from God) because they did not have the chance to respond to the Gospel.
The job of every Christian is to go into all the world preaching and teaching the Good News about Jesus. If we will do this, no person will be separated from God because of their deafness or race.