In the past when I have taken care of plants, they always died. But now I am trying to do some gardening. God has surprised me by teaching me some important lessons as I take care of my garden.

A seed does not begin to grow until it changes. Its outer shell breaks open so it can have roots and grow. I have learned that God helps me change so that I can serve Him better. He shows me how to rely on Him instead of relying on other people.

Seeds need the right amount of air, food, light and water to grow. It is the same in my Christian life. God has shown me that in order to grow spiritually, I need to be involved in Bible study, prayer, worship and service.

At the right time, a seed produces fruit. In the same way, I can produce “fruit” for God’s kingdom. In Psalm 92 the writer compares good people to trees. In Psalm 92:14 he talks about these trees producing fruit. “Even when they are old, they will continue producing fruit like young, healthy trees.” Throughout our lives, we can continue serving God in different ways.

You can produce “fruit” for God today. Use the gifts God has given you to serve Him.