We have a bird feeder in our yard. It is fun to watch the birds that come and eat at the feeder. Some birds like the small seeds, and some prefer the large seeds. Many birds fly south in the winter and then return to our feeder in the spring. Other birds, like cardinals, come to our feeder all year round.
Jesus talked about seeds in today’s Bible Reading. He talked about seeds that farmers plant in the ground. Jesus told a story about seeds that fell on four different kinds of ground. Only the seeds that fell on the good ground grew and made grain.
In verses 13-20 Jesus explained the meaning of His story. He said that the seed is God’s teaching. The different kinds of ground are people. The people who are like the good ground “hear the teaching and accept it. Then they grow and produce a good crop” (verse 20b).
I hope that you are like the good ground. Study God’s Word and use it to help you grow in Jesus.