Separated from God

Our psalm today talks about someone who is praying to God for help. He feels so bad that he said in verse 5, “Look for me among the dead people. I am like a dead body lying in the grave, one of the dead people you forgot, cut off from you and your care.”
This person was depressed and felt that he was separated from God. That is probably how Jesus felt when He was on the cross. Jesus was surrounded by His enemies and accusers. As He accepted our sins, Jesus felt separated from God.
Sometimes we feel depressed, and we think no one understands how we feel. But Jesus knows how we feel. People hurt Him. He was even rejected by some of His followers. And finally, Jesus was crucified on a cross.
Are you feeling lonely and depressed today? Jesus understands. Pray and ask God to help you feel His love and forgiveness. Then trust Him to take care of you.