Serve God

Years ago, my friend was depressed. She even thought about killing herself. I shared Bible verses with her. I led her to people who could help her with her problems. She came out of the depression, but I always felt that I had failed her. I thought maybe I could have helped her more.
Recently I was with that same friend. Suddenly she looked at me and said, “Do you remember when I was depressed? Did you know that your help saved my life?” I was so glad to finally know that God had used me to truly help my friend.
Many times we serve God, but we don’t see the results of our service. God may show us the results right away or years later, or He may choose to never show us the results. In our Bible Reading, Moses was ready to die. Because he had disobeyed God, he was not allowed to enter the new land. But Moses climbed Mount Nebo, and God showed him the land. God allowed Moses to see the result of his service with the Israelites.
Look for ways today to serve God. He will make good things happen because of your service.