Serve the Lord

Our Bible Reading today is about an angel telling Mary that she would have a son. As I read through these verses, I thought about my own life. God had given me two children, but I had also lost two children through miscarriages.
Mary did not know what would happen to her and her son (Jesus) in the future. She did not know about the pain that her son would have to face. But Mary said that she would serve God. Verse 38b of our Bible Reading says, “I am the servant girl of the Lord (God). Let this thing you have said happen to me!”
I thought about Mary’s faith. She wanted to serve God completely. I wanted to serve God, too, but I was facing health problems. My future seemed unsure. Finally, I decided that I needed to serve God and let Him lead me.
Maybe you are unsure about your future. Give your life to God. He will take care of you and help you serve Him.