I remember searching for my first job. I went to many businesses and filled out lots of applications. Some managers called me in for an interview. I knew that a good job was hard to find, but I had a dream of finding the perfect place to work.
Finally, I was hired. My first day on the job arrived. I was excited to be part of a team. My job was not always easy, but I learned that I need to keep trying.
God has given every Christian time and talents to use in His kingdom. Each one of us has a different way we can serve God. But sometimes our service is not easy. We may want to give up.
Verse 9 of our Bible Reading says, “We must not become tired of doing good. We will receive our harvest of eternal life at the right time. We must not give up!”
So many people in the world need to know about Jesus. These people are depending on us to share the Good News about Jesus with them. So don’t give up — keep on sharing God’s love.