Serving God

In our Bible Reading today, Paul talked about special gifts that the Holy Spirit gives to Christians. We receive these gifts so we can serve God. I think that we can also use our favorite activities to serve God.
Do you like music? Maybe God wants you to be like Jubal. Genesis 4:21b says, “Jubal was the father of people who play the harp and the flute.” Do you like to make things with your hands? Maybe God wants you to be like Priscilla and Aquila. Acts 18:1-3 tells us that they made tents with Paul.
Do you enjoy being outdoors? Maybe God wants you to be like Abel and Cain. Abel was the first shepherd, and Cain was the first farmer (Genesis 4:1-4). Do you like to read and write? Maybe God wants you to be a writer like Luke and John. Or maybe you can teach like Peter and Paul.
If you are a Christian, God has given you special gifts, talents and activities to enjoy. Think about ways you can use them all to serve God.