Seven Churches (2)

The apostle John was on the island of Patmos when he received a message from God. This is a small island that is only about 25 square miles in area. John says that he was on the island because he was “faithful to God’s message and to the truth of Jesus” (verse 9b). Tradition says that John was sent there because some people did not want him to preach about Jesus.
Jesus told John to write down His messages to the seven churches in Asia. We can read these messages in the book of Revelation. John begins by talking about Jesus. He reminds these Christians that “Jesus is the one who loves us and has made us free from our sins with his blood sacrifice” (verse 5b). Then John talks about the time when Jesus will come again.
Finally, John gives a message to each of the seven churches. These messages contain warnings. If we pay attention to these warnings, we can learn more about God’s plan for His church.