Seven Churches (5)

Yesterday we talked about Jesus’ message to Christians in Smyrna. Jesus praised these people for their faithfulness. In our Bible Reading today, Jesus’ message to the Christians in Pergamum contains some strong warnings.
The city of Pergamum was 50 miles north of Smyrna. In this city was a temple to Caesar Augustus. The people of Pergamum worshiped idols and practiced sexual immorality. In verse 13 Jesus said, “I know where you live. You live where Satan has his throne.” It was difficult for Christians to live in this environment and still stay faithful to God.
Jesus warned these Christians in verse 16a, “So change your hearts! If you don’t change, I will come to you quickly and fight against these people.” We should pay attention to this warning, too. We should only do things that are pleasing to God.
Don’t let sinful things in the world draw you away from God. Be faithful to Him and His Word.