Seven Churches (8)

The name Philadelphia means “brotherly love.” This city in Asia was 40 miles southeast of Sardis. In 17 A.D. Philadelphia was completely destroyed by an earthquake and later rebuilt by Emperor Tiberius. Many people in Philadelphia worshiped the pagan god of wine and fertility.
Jesus praised the Christians in the city of Philadelphia. He said to them, “…you have followed my teaching. You were not afraid to speak my name” (verse 8b) and “You have followed my command to endure patiently” (verse 10a).
Because these people were faithful to Jesus, He said that He would make their enemies bow at their feet (verse 9) and protect them from a time of trouble (verse 10).
If we are faithful to God and obedient to His Word, we are like the church in Philadelphia. Be faithful to God today and hold “on to the faith you have” (verse 11b).