Seven Churches (9)

The last church that Jesus talked about was in the city of Laodicea, which was 45 miles southeast of Philadelphia. Laodicea was known as a trading and banking center.
Jesus did not praise the Christians in Laodicea. Jesus said about them, “I wish you were hot or cold! But you are only warm — not hot or cold. So I am ready to spit you out of my mouth” (verses 15b-16). Jesus knew that these people were not excited (hot) about following Him or totally against (cold) following Him. These people were lukewarm.
Jesus loved these people, so He rebuked them and told them to change. “I correct and punish the people I love. So show me that nothing is more important to you than living right. Change your hearts and lives” (verses 19b-20a).
Don’t be lukewarm! Pay attention to Jesus’ message. Be excited to share the Good News. Use everything you have to glorify God and bless other people.