Share Requests

While Nehemiah praised God and confessed his sins, he also shared his requests and needs with God.
Nehemiah 1:11 says, “So Lord, please listen to my prayer. I am your servant. And please listen to the prayers of your servants that want to show respect for your name. Lord, you know I am the king’s wine servant. So please help me today. Help me as I ask the king for help. Give me success and help me to be pleasing to the king.”
Nehemiah shared requests after he praised God and confessed sins. He saved his requests for last. Nehemiah asked God to listen to his prayers. He also asked God to give him success in rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. Finally, Nehemiah asked God to help him be pleasing to the king.
After you spend time praising God and confessing your sins, share your requests and needs with God. What are your struggles in life? What are your needs? Share them with God. Ask Him to give you success in life according to His will. Then trust God to meet your needs.