Share the Work

The book of 3 John is a letter from John to his friend, Gaius. In this letter, John thanked Gaius for helping other Christians who were serving God. We do not know how Gaius helped these people. Maybe he gave them money, food, clothing or a place to live. Whatever Gaius did, it was something that helped the people continue to serve God. Gaius used his gifts to help people who were sharing God’s love. Because of Gaius’ help, more people learned about God. Gaius was able to help people he didn’t even know!
Sometimes I feel like Gaius. I spend my time making things for Deaf Missions. I use the gifts God has given me to create Bible visuals for deaf people. Then these people share God’s love with other deaf people. Because of my help, more deaf people around the world will learn about God’s love. I am able to help people I don’t even know!
Do you help people who are working to share God’s love? God will bless you if you help people who are serving Him.