My sister and I volunteer at a local organization. This group shares money, clothes and food with needy people. We really enjoy the work we do.
My sister and I do not know most of the people who receive help from this organization. They are strangers to us. We are just happy to help people whether we know them or not.
In our Bible Reading today, Paul told the Roman Christians, ?Share with God?s people that need help. Look for people that need help, and welcome those people into your homes? (verse 13). As Christians, it is our job to share with people who are hungry or who need clothes.
There are many examples of people who shared in the Bible. Abigail shared food with David and his army (1 Samuel, chapter 25). The husband and wife from Shunem shared their home with Elijah (2 Kings, chapter 4).
Many people in the world need help. Look for ways to share with someone today.