Sharing Life

My son lives far away from my husband and me. Every Sunday we phone our son. We ask him how he is and what is happening in his life, and we tell him that we love him. Sometimes during the week we send our son an e-mail.
We like to hear about our son’s life. We are interested in what he is doing. And our son likes to know what is happening in our lives, too. It makes us happy to share our lives with each other.
It is important for us to share our lives with God and Jesus. We can do this by talking to them. We can share our joys and our problems with them. We can even tell God and Jesus how we feel about things that are happening in our lives.
In our Bible Reading, John talked about having fellowship with “God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ” (verse 3b). I hope that you will share your life and have fellowship with God and Jesus today. Then you can be “full of joy” (verse 4b), too!