Some of my best Christmas memories are of the Christmas programs at my church. Other children and I would dress up in our bathrobes and act out the story of Jesus’ birth.
Sometimes I was able to dress up as a shepherd. I always thought the shepherds were an important part of the Christmas play. They were not rich and famous people. But God sent an angel to tell them about Jesus’ birth. God did not send His angel to the king or the Jewish priests. God sent the angel to a group of humble shepherds outside of Bethlehem.
But what really makes the shepherds important is what they did after the angel told them about Jesus. Verse 16a of our Bible Reading tells us, “So the shepherds went quickly and found Mary and Joseph.” The shepherds didn’t wait a few hours or a few days. They were excited, and they went right away to see Jesus.
I hope you are excited to know more about Jesus and share His love with others.