In our Bible Reading, Jacob was ready to die. He gathered his sons around him and blessed them. Jacob gave some special promises to his son, Judah.
In verse 10, Jacob said, “Men from Judah’s family will be kings. The sign that his family rules will not leave his family before the real king comes.” Some Bible translations use the name Shiloh instead of the words “the real king.”
Who was Shiloh? We know that Shiloh was a small town north of Bethel. The word Shiloh means peace and rest. The tabernacle (place where the Israelites worshiped God) was in Shiloh for many years. But Jacob seems to be talking about a person, not a town. Shiloh was a person that other people should obey and follow.
So Shiloh is another name for Jesus. Many years after Jacob lived, Jesus was born into the family of Judah. The Bible teaches us that Jesus is the person whom we should obey and follow every day.