Shine for Jesus

Yesterday, I told you about the glass candle holder I received at a retreat. As I looked at that lit candle, I noticed something else. When the lights were turned back on, I could still see the circle of light. But it was not as bright or easy to see. I could see the circle of light better when the room was dark.
It is the same with Christians. Paul talked today about this in our Bible Reading. Often God uses us most when we are experiencing health problems, persecution or other troubles. During these times, nonbelievers see how we handle these problems. They wonder how we can still have peace and not worry. This gives us the opportunity to tell them about Jesus and how He helps us.
Sometimes Christians complain about all the bad things that happen. They wish their lives could be easier. But we should thank God for times when we experience bad things. During these times we should shine for Jesus even more.