Shining Light

Letha was a sweet older lady. She taught my daughters? Sunday School class. My daughters loved Letha. My husband and I appreciated her excellent teaching.
Letha taught my daughters, and she taught me, too. Whenever I was sad or upset, Letha said words of comfort to me. When I was doing something wrong, Letha reminded me about God?s rules. I thought Letha must have a perfect life and family.
Then I learned that Letha?s son was in prison. I was surprised to know that her life was not perfect. But even though Letha had problems, she still was an excellent Christian teacher. She was like the light that Jesus talked about in our Bible Reading today. Letha lived so that people saw the good things she did.
Maybe you have problems in your life. But those problems should not stop you from being a shining light for Jesus.