Imagine you have worked very hard all day. You are tired and your feet hurt. You decide to go home, fill the bathtub with warm water and soak your feet. So you go home, fill the tub and get into the water with your shoes on!
If you did that, your shoes would become wet, heavy and uncomfortable. And, your feet would not relax. If you want your feet to relax, you need to take off your shoes.
This idea seems silly. We would never get into the bathtub with our shoes on! Sometimes we try to relax from all the troubles we face. But often we try to relax when we are worried, afraid and frustrated. Then we cannot truly enjoy God?s love and warmth. We need to remove the ?shoes? of worry, fear and frustration and give them to God. Then we can get comfortable with God.
Our Bible Reading today reminds us not to worry. Instead we should ?pray and ask God for everything? we need (verse 6b). I hope you will do that today. Relax in God?s love.