Show Dog

When you adopt a puppy from our local animal shelter, you get a free visit to a vet to make sure the animal is healthy. We took Pancho to the vet right away. The doctor thoroughly examined him. The vet told us Pancho had a problem with his teeth, one rib was out of place and that he was bowlegged.
Then the vet looked at us and said, “Well, I’ll tell you one thing. He will never be a show dog.” We just laughed. We didn’t care if Pancho was a show dog or not.
But Pancho did become a show dog! He was the circus dog in the Deaf Missions video, The Greatest Job on Earth. Pancho was not a special dog, but he was an important part of a video that tells people about Deaf Missions.
Our Bible Reading today talks about Jesus. God had a special plan for Jesus to die on the cross. God has a special plan for your life, too. Maybe you don’t feel that you are a special person. But God can use you to do great things for His kingdom.