Show God’s Love

Every day when I drive to work, I pass a beautiful farm. It has a new house, two new barns and two shiny grain bins. All of these buildings are only a few years old. A couple of years ago, a tornado destroyed the entire farm.

Now there is no evidence of the tornado. A tall tree that had all its branches stripped off has grown new branches and leaves. If a visitor drove by that farm, they would not know about the terrible tornado. They would not know that everything those people owned was destroyed. They could not imagine a picture of broken trees and twisted metal.

Many people we know are like that farm. They may have suffered physical pain or been abused. They may have lost their possessions because of financial problems. These people look just fine on the outside. But inside they are hurting. They need God’s love and our love to help heal their wounds.

Ephesians 4:32 reminds us how we should act around other people. “Be kind and loving to each other. Forgive each other the same as God forgave you through Christ.” Maybe you will see someone today who is hurting. Be patient with them. Show them God’s love.