Show Love

Someone told me that every year in December, an unknown person pays for a full-page ad in a New York City newspaper. The whole page is blank except for a few words in the center of the page.
The words on the page are from 1 John 4:20: ?If a person says, ?I love God,? but that person hates his brother or sister in Christ, then that person is a liar. That person can see his brother, but he hates him. So that person cannot love God, because he has never seen God!? When people read this Bible verse, they start to think about loving each other. They remember times when they have not shown love to other people.
Christmas is a good time for us to decide to love other people. We need to forget our feelings of hatred and jealousy. Instead we should show other people that we love them.
Decide today to show love to people around you. Teach these people the true meaning of Christmas ? that God loves them and sent His Son, Jesus, to die for them.