Show Your Love

Sometimes my four-year-old daughter, Anna, becomes scared when she is in her room at night alone. A few nights ago, I tucked her in bed, kissed her good night and said, “I love you.” As I started to leave her room, Anna grabbed my arm and said, “Mommy, I need you.” I told her I had many things to finish before bedtime. Again I said, “I love you” and kissed her cheek. Anna’s eyes filled with tears and she said, “I know you love me, but I need you to hold me.”
Anna needed my love to be more than just words. She needed the comfort of my hug. Anna needed my actions to match my words.
Sometimes I do the same thing with my brothers and sisters in Christ. Maybe someone needs my encouragement, but I think I’m too busy to help them. I give them a quick hug and go on my way. I think this makes God sad.
I try each day to show God’s love to people around me. My actions need to match my words. I hope you will remember to make your love more than words or signs. Show your love to your family and friends.