The Jews knew that someday God would send His Son to be the Savior of the world. One Jewish man, Simeon, was waiting for God to send His Son.
Our Bible Reading today tells us that the Holy Spirit was in Simeon. ?The Holy Spirit told Simeon that he would not die before he saw the Christ from the Lord (God)? (verse 26).
One day the Holy Spirit led Simeon to the temple. There Simeon saw Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus. Simeon knew that Jesus was God?s Son. He thanked God for sending Jesus. Then Simeon told Joseph and Mary some things that would happen to Jesus. Joseph and Mary were ?amazed at what Simeon said about him? (verse 33).
Simeon was thankful that God had sent Jesus to be the Savior. We should be thankful, too. Jesus came to accept the punishment for our sins. And He will come again someday to take us to live forever with Him.