Simple Prayers (5)

Sometimes I think that my prayers must be long and fancy so God will pay attention to me. But there have been times in my life when I have only had enough strength to say a simple, short prayer. The last simple prayer we will look at was prayed by Moses.
Our Bible Reading begins with Miriam and Aaron talking against Moses. They were both jealous of Moses’ close relationship with God. God became angry with Miriam and Aaron. He told them that Moses was His faithful servant. After God left Miriam and Aaron, they noticed that Miriam had a terrible skin disease.
Aaron asked Moses to forgive them for speaking against him. In verse 13 we read Moses’ simple prayer to God. “God, please heal her from this sickness!” In seven days Miriam was healed by God.
It is good to know that when we are sad and full of grief, we can pray a simple prayer to God. He will pay attention to our prayers and answer with what is best for us.