Simple Words

Sometimes we read a few simple words, and they change our lives in a great way. Some people in the United States feel that way about the words from the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution.
In verse 18 of our Bible Reading today, Mary Magdalene said four simple words, “I saw the Lord!” Mary did not need big or fancy words. Yet through the years, these words have changed many people’s lives.
Mary came to the tomb expecting to find Jesus’ body. Instead, the tomb was empty. She did not know what had happened to Jesus. Later Jesus appeared to Mary. At first she did not recognize Jesus. But when Jesus spoke Mary’s name, she knew it was her risen Lord.
Every day we need to think about those few simple words: “I saw the Lord!” Then we will remember that Jesus died for us and arose. Because of that, we have the promise of eternal life with Him. Be sure to share those simple words with someone today.