When I watch TV I see people doing sinful things. That makes me upset. In our Bible Reading today, Moses and God were upset. They were upset because they saw all the sin among the Israelites.
Here are some verses that show us that God and Moses were not happy that the Israelites were sinning: 1) “The Lord saw this and became upset. His sons and daughters made him angry” (verse 19); 2) “I thought about destroying the Israelites so people would forget them completely!” (verse 26); 3) “I will punish them for the bad things they did…Their punishment will come quickly” (verse 35).
All of Moses’ words here are in the form of a song. When Moses was finished singing his song, he taught it to the Israelites. Why? So they would remember to stop doing bad things.
It is good for us to remember that God does not want us to sin. When we sin, He is unhappy. If we repent and ask God to forgive us, He will forgive us. Remember to do good things today!