Sinful World

The world today is full of sin. And things are changing so fast. I become worried when I see all the temptations that young people must face today. Many of these people grow up without knowing anything about God and the Bible. That is very sad!

As Christians in today’s world, we need to be very wise. Our wisdom should not come from famous people or from television. Our wisdom should come from God’s Word, the Bible. We also need to set a good example for people around us who are not Christians. Those people may not be willing to study the Bible, but they can see that we are acting and living differently than the world.

Finally, another thing we need to do is remember the importance of God’s grace in our lives. In Titus 2:12, Paul talked about God’s grace. “It teaches us not to live against God and not to do the bad things the world wants to do. It teaches us to live on earth now in a wise and right way — a way that shows true devotion to God.” When we experience God’s grace, we can share His grace with others who do not know Him.

You can make a difference inour world today. Let God use you to show His love and plan of salvation to others.