Sometimes we think that people in the Bible were almost perfect. We think that those people never had a problem with sin. But all the great people in the Old Testament – Noah, Abraham, Moses, David – were not perfect. They sinned just like you and me.
In our Bible Reading today, Paul wrote about himself. He said in verse 14b, “But I am not spiritual. Sin rules me like I am its slave.” Paul was a sinner, too. He was just like you and me. Paul went on to say that sometimes he didn’t understand what he did. He knew he should do certain things, but he didn’t do those things. And Paul knew that some things were wrong. But he did those things anyway. Maybe you are like Paul.
Every Christian struggles with sin. That is one way we are like Paul. But we are like Paul in another way. We have been made right with God through Jesus. Verse 25 says, “God will save me! I thank him for the salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord!”
God’s love and salvation through Jesus are so wonderful! Thank Him for sending Jesus to die for you. Ask God to help you be like Jesus today.