What do you think the devil looks like? Many people imagine that the devil has horns on his head, a long pointy tail and a red body. For many years, artists have drawn pictures of the devil like this.
If the devil really looked like that, we would be scared of him. We would not want to trust him. We do not know what the devil looks like, but the devil makes sin look beautiful and fun. He does not show us how sin can hurt us. The devil does not want us to know that sin will give us problems in the future.
In our Bible Reading, David sinned with Bathsheba because it looked like fun. Then after that sin, David continued to sin. Why? Because he wanted to hide his first sin. We should be careful every day to try and not sin. Sin may look beautiful, but it will always cause us problems. Finally David realized his sins. He asked God to forgive him.
God will forgive you, too. But first you need to be sorry for your sins and ask God to forgive you.