Six Days

When I want to make a cake, I gather the ingredients that I need. Then I follow the recipe. I mix the cake, bake it, and frost it. Preparing the cake takes about one hour of my time.
Today we learn from our Bible Reading that God made something, too. He made the whole universe. But God didn’t have any ingredients to use. He made the universe out of nothing, and He did it in six days!
For the first three days, God was busy forming things. He created light and darkness, sky and water, and land. The last three days, God created things that fill the universe — sun, moon, stars, birds, sea creatures, animals and humans.
God’s creation is not just something that happened without a plan. God made and filled the universe in an orderly way. He had a plan to create a world that was just right for His children.
God is so awesome and powerful. Take time today to praise and thank Him for all He has made for you!