Small, but Good

There is a saying, “Good things come in small packages.” Our Bible Reading today is a very small chapter — just two verses. But it is full of some good things.
Verse 1 of Psalm 117 tells us what we should do. “Praise the Lord, all you nations. Praise the Lord all you people.” This verse says that we should praise God. We can praise God by telling other people about Him, singing songs, writing devotions, and praying. We praise God when we live a life that pleases Him. God is happy, and also, other people look at our lives and see that we love God.
Verse 2 tells us why we should praise God. “God loves us very much! And God will be true to us forever! Praise the Lord!” Isn’t it wonderful that God loves us so much? The Bible is filled with verses that tell us about God’s love. Verse 2 also says that God will be faithful to us forever. That means we can always trust God. He will never change.
I hope you will praise the Lord today!