Small Packages

There is an old saying in America: ?Good things come in small packages.? This means that a package or a gift does not have to be big to be special.
Sometimes I receive small packages from friends or family members. Inside these packages are gifts that are very special to me. It does not matter that it is a small package. It is what is inside that is important to me.
Our Bible Reading today is only two verses. It is a small chapter from the book of Psalms. But there are some very important things in this small chapter.
Psalm 117 reminds us to praise God. Why? Because His love is great and His faithfulness lasts forever.
Sometimes our friends and family are not around to help us when we need encouragement and help. But God is always faithful, always loving and always the same.
Talk to God today. Praise Him and tell Him ?thank You? for His love and faithfulness.