Small Things

Our Bible Reading tells us about a big thing. Some people wanted to build a city and “a tower that will reach to the sky” (verse 4b). But when the people did this, they were disobeying God. So God caused them to speak different languages. Then they stopped building the city and the tower.
In Luke 21:1-3 we read about a small thing. A widow came to the temple. Jesus said about her, “I tell you the truth. This poor widow gave only two small coins. But she really gave more than all those rich people.” (verse 3). This widow was obeying God, and Jesus praised her.
Today the world teaches us to admire things that are big and amazing. But which is more important to God? A millionaire who gives thousands of dollars away or the meal you prepare for an elderly person? A famous baseball player who hits a home run or a single mother who teaches her children to love God?
God does not require us to do great things. He just wants us to love and obey Him.