Snow (1)

Before I lost my sight, one of my favorite things was walking outside while it was snowing. I am blind now, but I still enjoy the snow. My guide dog and I went walking in the snow this morning.
I like to feel the snowflakes on my face. They are so soft. This morning the snowflakes gently floated down and landed on my eyebrows. As we walked, I felt the crunchy snow beneath my shoes. There were only a few cars out on the street, so it was quiet. I even heard a cardinal singing.
These special moments make me feel close to God. I tell Him how thankful I am for His power, His wisdom and His love. In our Bible Reading today, the writer talks about God’s power and how He protects us.
The world fills our minds with problems and bad thoughts. So it is important that we be near to God. If you are facing difficult times today, spend some quiet time with God. Allow Him to fill you with His peace and love.