Snow (2)

I live in the state of Iowa. During the winter months, there is snow on the ground. Snowflakes are so beautiful as they fall to the ground. When the sun shines on the snow, it can be very bright. Sometimes the snow sparkles, too. I remember seeing these things before I became blind.
Have you ever really stopped to look at the things around you? Look at a small seed. Think about it growing to become a very tall tree or a beautiful flower that smells good. Watch a bee or an eagle fly. Think about how God makes them fly.
God has made many amazing things in the world. Verses 4 and 5 of our Bible Reading tell us about some of these things. “The deepest caves and the highest mountains belong to the Lord. The ocean is his — he created it. God made the dry land with his own hands.”
Enjoy God’s wonderful world today! Praise Him for His love and wisdom.