Snow (3)

When my children were young, I bought a laundry detergent called Ivory Snow. I liked this soap because it cleaned my children’s clothes so well. That detergent was white, and it reminded me of snow.
Right after it snows, the ground looks so white and clean. There is nothing that looks fresher and cleaner than a new layer of snow.
When we sin, our lives are not pure and clean any more. God does not want us to stay dirty with sin. So He has given us a way to be clean again. God sent Jesus to earth to pay the penalty for our sins. Jesus died so our lives can be clean and pure.
In our Bible verses, David confessed his sin and asked God to make him “whiter than snow” (verse 7b). David said that then he would be happy again.
Accept God’s gift of salvation today and allow Him to make you clean again.