Many places on earth have weather changes from day to day. God controls the weather so that we can live on earth and grow the food that we need. Today and for the next few days we will talk about different kinds of weather that are mentioned in the Bible.

Snow! Some people love it. Many people hate it. And others have never even seen snow. Snow is one way that God provides water for the earth. Snow can be calm and peaceful. If you have ever experienced a blizzard, you know that snow can also be dangerous.

When snow falls to the ground, it is white and beautiful. Snowdrifts caused by blowing snow look like peaks of whipped cream. The writer of Psalm 51:7 talks about the whiteness of snow. “Remove my sin and make me pure. Wash me until I am whiter than snow!”

Sin makes us dirty. Only Jesus can remove our sin and make us clean again. When Jesus died on the cross, He paid the penalty for our sins. Through His death, our sins are forgiven and we can have a right relationship with God.

Do you want to be clean and pure before God? Follow and obey Jesus and accept His wonderful gift of salvation.