Solomon was the son of King David. When David died, Solomon became the king of Israel. Solomon did many wonderful things. He built a beautiful temple where people could worship God. Solomon also wrote down many of his wise thoughts.
Our Bible Reading today tells us that Solomon had 700 wives! Many of these wives did not worship God. So Solomon started worshiping foreign gods. He disobeyed the first commandment that God gave to the Israelites (Exodus 20:3) – “You must not worship any other gods except me.”
God was sad that Solomon disobeyed Him. Verses 9 and 10 say, “Solomon turned away from following the Lord, the God of Israel. So the Lord became angry at Solomon. The Lord had come to Solomon twice. The Lord told Solomon that he must not follow other gods. But Solomon did not obey the Lord’s command.” God punished Solomon by taking the kingdom of Israel away from his family.
Make sure that God is most important in your life today.